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Deer Season

Doe Hunts

We have listed dates for hunts but if custom

dates or shorter hunts are wanted, please reach

out to setup your catered hunt. 

September 15-19 $1300

September 21-25 $1300

September 27-October 1 $1300

October 3-7 $1300

October 9-13 $1300

October 16-20 $1400

October 23-27 $1600

Youth Gun season October 29-30 $1000

October 30-November 3 $1600

November 6-10 $1600

Gun season November 12-16 $1750

Gun season November 18-22 $1750

Youth Gun season November 25-27 $1000

November 25-27 $1300

November 27-December 1 $1300

December 4-8 $1100

December 11-15 $1100

December 18-22 $1100

Muzzleloader season December 27-January 2 (7 day hunt) $1900

January 5 day hunts $900

-Hunts for only doe (call to book) - $500

-Add a doe to your currently booked hunt for $250

Short Term Leases

We offer leases that last longer than our 5 day hunts. Call for information concerning these short term leases. 

Turkey Season

2022 Turkey season

Youth April 9-10 $350

April 18-20 400

April 23-25 $400

May 26-30 $400

May 1-3 $400

May 6-8 $400

Our lodging is optional - $500

   -place to hang deer and cooler

   -camper with all amities kept at the home farm    -fire pit


   -hunters will supply and cook their own meals

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS All deposits and payments are non-refundable, no exceptions. A rebooking fee of up to 20% will be assessed on all rescheduled hunts. Hunting is a sport and White House Outdoors offer no guarantee of a successful harvest.  Due to the fair chase nature of our hunts and uncontrollable factors such as weather, there is no guarantee of game sighting or shot opportunity.  No refunds will be given.  White House Outdoors, reserves the right to terminate a client's stay for misconduct, safety concerns, illegal activity or for any behavior or activity that is compromising the experience and safety of other clients or staff.  Refunds will not be given to clients who cancel their reservation or depart early, nor to those clients who's stay is terminated. Payment Schedule is as follows: • 50% due at the time of booking • 50% due 30 days prior to arrival

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